My name is Gisele and I am a UI / UX DESIGNER.

I worked between 2002-2005 as a web-designer for different companies in Brazil .
I studied UX/UI design at Red Academy in Toronto in 2018 and Digital Design, Development and Maintenance at Humber College Toronto in 2016. I also achieved a Diploma on Multimedia Design at Senac  Faculty of Communication and Arts in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2004.

My curiosity has led me to discover that we are able to achieve any goal if we really want to. I’ve been surrounded by creative people since my childhood, communication and art has been my interest since then.  As years went by I learned that we just need to put a real effort into something to make it true. This brought me to leave my roots in Brazil and move to Canada in 2007 to pursue my goals.

Apart from being a UI/UX designer, one funny fact about me is that I became a Nanny in order to immigrate to Canada. That was a risky move but an important piece of my life. Those years thought me resilience and patience: two essential skills when you work on a web project. Maybe if one day we have the chance I may share more about this topic of my life with you. =)

I am back into working for the Digital World since 2015! Wireframes,  Front end web-development, User Experience, User interface and Graphic Design have been part of my projects.

I aim to keep moving towards my goals and I plan to keep you posted on my blog about my new adventures in the web.

Hope you enjoy the ride and also learn and share a few things with me too!