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Vector drawing


On this project I had to draw my face using a photo as my starting point. I had to draw it all the way from zero. So I used the Pen tool, shapes, colours and transparencies modes to create highlights, shadows and a mid-tone. Then I coloured different options using the swatches library and the recolour artwork tool.

At the class after this one, I learned that Illustrator can actually trace an image or photo for you. But using the Trace panel was not allowed for this homework, which was good because I developed my pen tool drawing skills a bit more (it’s still bad, I know… but its slowly getting better 😉 )

After drawing, we had to create some posters applying different colours to them.

And this is what I got after colouring:


Illustrator is a lot of fun. But needs loooooooooots of patience!


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First week back to school…

After years being away from the Design industry,  here I am.

Getting back has being a surprise each day. So many things changed in 10 years! Yes… ten years that, for personal reasons, I had to stand back for a while. But it passed fast… and thankfully I am getting back on track.

I am old school on Web. And back then I used to focus mostly on the front-end of my websites. How I loved to design the pages on Photoshop, slice them up and just add some content and links on my HTML.

But things changed and beyond other things websites had to be less heavy to load, semantically correct and easier to change things up.

So here I am learning the new ways to design a website… using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

My first week was very exciting.  I chose the Web design, Development and Maintenance program at Humber College to help me upgrade my skills so I can build up a nice Portfolio and get back to work as a Web-designer.

We already learned some HTML5 and CSS3 basics. I also had a quick tutorial on how to use Adobe Bridge CC and started a blog using WordPress (yes, this blog).

I hope to make this blog interesting and useful for new web-designers, specially my Humber classmates.

Feel free to comment with your insights and feedback 🙂

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